Rotal 1072, Oppo 95, or Oppo 105?

I have a Rotel 1072 with a Jolida FX DAC (GE 5751 tubes). Want to improve my CD sound.

Oppo 95 or 105? Or a better DAC?

I get CD's only when I have to, preferring vinyl nowadays. But I still have an existing extensive CD collection.

Thank you for all the advice.

Existing Components:

LSA Statement integrated with Amperex 7308 tubes
Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers
AZ and Clear Day cables and IC's.
You already have a good DAC so a dedicated pure CD transport is the best option for you, I bought Cambridge Audio CXC three months ago just superb value for money.Before I had the Rotel 1570 CDP it was a lousy transport the CXC is suppirier more details, transparent and dynamics.
105. You will get Tidal App loaded on this machine and streaming direct. Skip transport and DAC.
Sweet. Just bought a 105 from a fellow Agoner. Looking forward to setting things up soon!