Rose RS250 Streamer/Dac?

Hi--have any of you had any experience with the new Rose RS250 Streamer/Dac? Looks cool, but how does it sound?

RS250 and SSD arriving this week sometime. Is the included instruction manual clearly described. The pdf that I downloaded is partly in Korean and not so clear in the exact procedure. Specifically transferring files onto the internal SSD. Is it more straight forward than my fears are suggesting? 

Setting up settings to play DSD (and streaming MQA) also seemed vague and confusing. Any suggestions on if this is indeed complex or pretty straight forward once in hand?



Hello everyone, 

the rs 250 does not have balanced XLR out connections. Would it be pissible to connect the HiFi rose 250 to external dac thru usb, then use the XLR outs from my dac to amp ? 
thank you 


@agolde1110 - Yes, if you connect the 250 via the USB digital output to a compatible DAC with balanced XLR outputs you can connect those into analog XLR inputs on a preamp or integrated amp. Hope that answers your question.

Unless one has a long cable run, I am assuming the difference between the RCA outs of the 250 and the XLR outs of the 150 are minimal

@aberyclark - That can be quite subjective and the degree of difference would likely vary with the level of electronics used and in particular if the amplification is fully balanced in design.