Rose Hifi Network Streamer RS150

Anyone heard this streamer in person? There is a Youtuber (Jay @ NBTS) who reviewed it and was gushing about it. Unfortunately, the review was pretty useless since it neither talks in detail about the sound quality, nor does he attempt to compare it to other streamers in a similar price range -- Aurender, Lumin, Sonore, Simaudio MIND2, etc. 

The presentation, build quality, user interface, and the features look very impressive, but no clue on how it sounds. I also like the DAC chip (AK4499EQ) they're using. This can be a great streamer if you combine 2 channel and movies/TV in the same setup. Of course, the usual caveats regarding reliability, servicing options (in US), and product support apply here as well. I would love to hear from someone who has heard it and is able to compare it to similarly priced streamers.

The 150 sounds better than any DACI’ve ever owned. MEITNER M3,BRICASTI M1,BROOKLYN, LUMIN, MCINTOSH. It’s the most spatial it has the best separation out of any of the units that i have owned. 

@rj20five good to hear a your thoughts on the newer ESS version.

@raysmtb1  I believe you have the original model with the AK chipset.

Curious to know if there is a performance difference?

I had the RS250 for a short time. I sent it back to due to wifi issues.  Really tempted to give the 150 a try.



I’ve owned a 150 for 4 months now ( ESS Version). It’s without question a superb Dac Streamer, a huge “ bang for the buck”. The feature set, build quality and of course the SOUND, are at a very high level. This thing could easily pass for a 20 K MSRP audio product.

@musicmann1 ,

Do you also own the Bricasti M3 DAC? If yes, any comparison in the sound between the Rose and Bricasti?

@musicmann1  I hate to say it because the guys at Bricasti were awesome on a service issue I had but , I like the sound of the Rose AK chip better. It sounded more spatial and there was a greater separation between channels. That’s the simplest way I can describe it.