Rosanne Cash

I recently revisited her "King's Record Shop" and was pleasantly suprised, then bought "10 Song Demo" and was very impressed. I also recently heard some cuts off her newest (sorry, the name escapes me) at a friend's house and also liked that quite a bit.

I plan to pick up "Interiors" soon but was curious what you thought of it. My AMG guide loved it and gives it 5 stars and Rolling Stone gave it 4.5, but Musichound gave it one bone and put it on the "what to avoid" list. Who's right?
You are! Trust your ears/tastes.
To my listening, Rosanne has only made good music for the last 20 years. There has been a distinct evolution to her music. Her earlier music had more of a "new" country feel to it. This would best be characterized by her albums "Right or Wrong;" "Rhythm and Romance;" and "Somewhere in the Stars." By the time that you get to "King's Record Shop," Rosanne's intensely personal songwriting is as prominent as her voice. Her releases in the last decade ("The Wheel;" "10 Song Demo") show Roasanne as a very accomplished singer songwriter and her music is a mix of country/pop/folk/female vocal.

Her voice has an appealling fullness to it (sometimes referred to as a "down in the wine" voice). "Rules of Travel," her latest album, is one of the best albums released this year, but it will require several listens before one comes to that conclusion ... at least that was the point I was making to the woman who runs the Americana music section at Tower Records in NYC.

Her entire catalog is worth owning. Good Listening. Rich
She just gets better and better. I really enjoy her music.
Read the new Stereophile for an interview with her and her husband.
For what it's worth..(no, not Buffalo Springfield), several of my friends, and I, are big female Jazz vocal fans..Sarah Vaughn, Ella, Rosie Clooney....and many others...and some straight classic Jazz..Miles, Chet Baker, Hawkins...and so many others..... In saying this, there are several great female singers that are non-Jazz that are also owned by most of us. Julia Fordham, Valarie Carter, and mainly Rosanne Cash. Even the standards disk that Anne Murray did, Croonin, has found it's way in there(a disk that should be heard by many of you that don't have it).

Perhaps it is just a soft spot for the female voice, but some of these non-Jazz ladies have that "feeling" that the great Jazz ladies have/had.

So, if you love the great ladies of Jazz..and have not had an open enough mind to listen to Rosanne have missed something special.
her latest release is"Rules of Travel"good stuff,,
I am the proud owner of two releases: Seven-Year Ache on vinyl and Rules of Travel on cd. Wouldn't be without them.
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