ROR for CD

any one tried? what tissue/cloth do you use for cleaning?
Yes, I use this product and it works on EVERYTHING.

I use it on CD's, my computer monitor, my reading glasses and of course my camera lenses. Being a professional photographer I have used ROR for over 10 years now. I just ordered a counter display box (12 pieces) so I can have a bottle everywhere in the house I need it.

This fluid will do one thing that I have never seen before. It actually increases light transmission. You can take a camera, load with transparency film and take a photo. Then clean all the surfaces of the lens with ROR and take the same picture again. Without changing any settings, the transparency will be slightly lighter when viewed on a calibrated light box. Since transparency is reversal film, this means the film received MORE light after the cleaning.

Unfortunately, use on CD's is not as spectacular. It works as well as anything else that costs $20.00 and more, so I guess for $4.00 or whatever it sells for, it's a great deal.

I actually thought about repackaging it at one time, putting some fancy audio label on the bottle and naming it CD Whiz or something. Of course I would sell it for $39.95 in order to get respect for it.