I am streaming Tidal and my CD's through Roon on a Mac Mini connected to my Classe SSP-800.
My issue is trying to listen to the same material at the same time in different zones.  My second zone is
a B&W A-7, so it runs on Airplay.  How can I sync both of these zones to run together?  Do other wifi
speakers such as Bluesound devices sync with Roon?  My whole point is to get better sound than Sonos.
BTW the streaming Tidal sounds amazing.  Mac Mini is hardwired to internet and Roon remotes run well
on laptop and iPhone.

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It's crazy because you could do this with iTunes 10 years ago.  Nothing has ever worked more simply and logically than iTunes with the remote app.  Play to any zone you want at any time at any volume.  What's so complicated about this.