Roon Vs JRIVER MC 24 sound quality comparison on PC to DAC

I already have a JR MC24 loaded on my PC. I play music from it via the USB to my DAC. I have recently read on TAS that the sound quality of Roon is better than JR and other software. Anyone has any experience of JR Vs ROON only with regards to Sound Quality.I am ok with metadata, etc of JR MC24. Will shift to Roon only if sound quality is better.
Roon sounds better but also costs alot more, you can do the trial thingy and see if you like it.

Another option for better quality is to find a mini pc and put Daphile on it, easy to setup and control from any other pc, tablet, smartphone.
Roon doesn't even claim it "sounds better". Unless you are using SRC, room correction/eq, hqplayer, etc within Roon than it seems hard to comprehend how it can better.

I'm trying the 14 day trial of Roon , and yes , it does sound better then JR MC 24. And to my ears, by a wide margin. I use JR and I'm happy with it, but like so many guys in this hobby were always looking for just a little more. It's more detailed without being bright. Vocals, to me are where it really shines. I'm a jazz guy and hearing everything from Ella Fitzgerald to Kurt Elling is almost like hearing new music. I really don't need all of the other info Roon gives you. When I sit down I just listen, I don't read. But I get why it's so popular, and it might be worth $120.00 a year to a lot of guys, but not to me. I'm happy with what I've got. But it's a nice product.
Roon beats J River by a mile, it's more dynamic more detailed and is so so clean. I don't think it is worth the money each year but I have listened to many players and I think it has the rest of them beat but it is a pure beast to get your head around and set up. I am still not there but I really couldn't give it up now. I listen to a lot of radio programs and also record them on computer and once they have been through Sequoia and Sony Sound Forge 12 they are then rendered to DSD files and I then play them through Roon when I feel like a listen and boy do they sound good after that. I even upsample my bought files from HD Tracks and Presto Classical and they are then stunning in DSD played though my Direct stream DAC. No I won't be giving it up any time soon but I really do wish it was easier to configure.