Roon upgrade

Since the Roon upgrade I have found the software much buggier than before.  I have also read others have felt the sound quality has decreased. I find it a bit thinner sounding recently. Has anyone experienced a drop-off soundwise?  Are there better options for those of us who favor SQ over all of the organizational tools of Roon?


I've had recent problems with Roon remote, none with Core. My issues with running remote came from  outdated Roon remote app with Amazon Fire OS. Switched to Android tablet no problems, only issue now is album library no longer in correct order. Hoping continuous reboots will correct this issue.


Hear no difference in sound quality.


Another thing to keep in mind, at some point updates of Roon Core may cause instability issues with some older computer OS.

@sns   Amazon lags on updates for Roon Remote. 

As you found out, an Android tablet is stable. Reiterating your experience for those that are using an Amazon tablet.

An Android phone or tablet is the way to go, for those in that ecosystem.


Stable for me and better sounding!  Perhaps there is something else going on in your system that impacts the sound.

Sound quality wise, definitely an improvement with 1.8 release. I have had some occasional operational issues.... When streaming live radio, it will stop functioning after a I select a new station. Need to reboot the core to get it operational.