Roon - streaming only...where'd you get your NAS?

I'm considering Roon but I only stream Tidal and don't have a single song downloaded.  

So, first, would Roon pretty much be a waste? 

Second, how does everyone acquire such a large downloaded collection of high-res, DSD, FLAC, or whatever files in their NAS library?

Did you rip your CD's?  Get from a friend?  Download them online and pay by song?  Seems like a monumental task and money pit.
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So where did everyone get their NAS?  Like can I pay someone $100 for theirs?  Did yall pay $1 per song?  Did you sit there and rip every one of your CDs?
I acquired my 2 TB library from (1) hundreds of CD's I have purchased over 20 years. (2) traded with friends. I have meet several fellow audiophiles on Agon who also have large libraries. We purchased an external HD, copy our files to it, then send it to a friend who then copies it to their library. Then the friend deletes the HD and copies their files and sends it back. I have done this several times. (3) I have (as have my friends) purchased dozens of Hi Def files from HD Tracks or other sites and share or add to the library also.

As far as Roon goes, I use and love it. It organizes (into categories and sub categories) your entire library and also it integrates a streaming service (like Qobuz or Tidal) which I use, into your stored files. It gives background info on albums and artists etc. and makes suggestions on music you may like based on your listening history. I think Roon works best if you have a stored library and also use a streaming service. The way it integrates the two, categorizes and supplies info is what makes it so useful.

Also I don't use a NAS. I have a Innuos Zenith music server with 4 TB's of storage. Innuos makes it easy to rip your CD's and store them in your library. It's automatic with Innuos....Insert you CD, wait 4 minutes and it's done. It copies, attaches artwork to the file and stores it in your library. I had an Aurender music server for several years and their method for ripping and storing your CD's into your library was WAY more work (not automatic).

Having a large library doesn't have to be a money pit. You just have to meet people who are willing to share. That's also the fun part!

Thanks @ron17.  I don't have a huge collection of CD's unfortunately. I wish Roon offered a "streaming" only tier.  I wouldn't get the full benefit of using Roon without having a NAS or downloaded music stored somewhere it doesn't look like.  

Who's in Dallas and wants to give me their files?! ha
I have several friends who use Roon with Qobuz or Tidal only. They like the information it provides and also how it recommends new music based on what you like.

Also when I bought my first music server, the dealer I purchased it from loaded his complete library on it before he shipped it to me. I have several friends who bought from other dealers who did the same thing for I started out with over 1 TB of music files the first day I got it. There are lots of ways to get a music library without breaking the bank.

I use a Synology NAS which I bought on Amazon. I have a Mac Mini that I used to rip my very small collection of CDs to FLAC and then loaded it on my NAS (about 1 TB). Sometimes I download music, never used Tidal or any other streaming service. I also use Minim Server on the NAS and a Lightning DS app as the endpoint since I have an Auralic Aries LE to stream to my DAC. I tried Roon twice and didn't like it. Didn't organize my files the way I liked and it wasn't worth all the trouble to get it to do what I needed it to do. Didn't really care for their content either. So me definitely a waste.