Roon Skipping?

I'm using Roon on my Innuos Zen Mk III.

Great SQ, but every once in a while, it will play about 5 seconds of a song then switch to the next song on the album or playlist.  Does it both for CD's I've ripped into the Innuos and for streaming Qobuz through Roon.

Anyone else encountering this?


Does it have pops n clicks too? 😂

Sometimes a little stuttering before it switches to the next track.  But not often.

You were thinking maybe I was listening to the turntable by mistake?

"Does it have pops n clicks too?"

Only when I cue up my vinyl rips, otherwise my digital playback is sublime 🤣

I have had the same streamer for nearly one year now and

not had that. Have had to unplug/replug to reboot a few times

when it freezes but my Oppo does that too. Occasionally I catch

an odd distortion and save that to a distortion playlist for future 

evaluation. Contact Innuos support. They are highly responsive

and smart people. Might be a bad board. Or is the dog leaning on the remote?

Hi Doug,

I had this issue some time back and it was discussed in a previous thread. In my case it was only happening with Roon (not ripped CDs) and the folks at Innuos suggested for me to upgrade which remedied my issue. My recollection is that someone had an issue that also included ripped CDs; this link might help?


You were thinking maybe I was listening to the turntable by mistake?

It seemed like a good place to stake a stab at some humour. 😎 )
(LIke the Roon sounds as good as the TT now. ;). )

I still need to start ripping to FLAC for my Roon set up, so the topic caught my eye,