Roon ready streamer and DAC convo

Hi I’m looking for a Roon ready streamer for playing music on my NAS over the network and also using it as a dac for my cd transport. Most Roon streamers don’t seem to have any digital inputs. 
Also I need native DSD support in the dac. 
Recommendations?  For classical and jazz.  Thanks 
niniDSP SHD Studio has USB, AES/EBU, SPDIF coax and Toslink inputs. All remote selectable. Plus a headphone amp. Dirac DSP with mic included. Qobuz, Tidal, Amazon HD and Roon out of the box. Grab a Teddy Pardo PSU for upgraded power. I use a UltraCap 1.2 with mine.
My CD transport is using the AES/EBU tap for now.
@davehg, Love the Lumin, but they don’t have digital coax input to hook up my CD transport. So can really use as DAC
You might like the Gold Note DS-10. It’s a DAC/streamer/Roon Ready/headphone amp/preamp. Here’s the summary from the recent review in Stereophile magazine:

My reference system hasn’t hosted many DACs in the Gold Note DS-10’s price range. I was delighted with what I heard. This little baby sounded so good—so musical—with its optional, identically dimensioned PSU-10 EVO power supply that I’d urge anyone who can shell out $4300 to try them together. I’m not going to tell you that you should consider what you can’t afford, but do keep in mind that we read Stereophile because we care about the music. Music makes a difference in our lives; it helps make us whole. Sitting on a single shelf, powered by a single power cable, Gold Note’s DS-10/PSU-10 EVO has the potential to fulfill and heal in ways that extend far beyond words. It’s a stellar achievement from engineers who understand what musical deliverance is all about.

Industry disclosure: I’m a Gold Note dealer.