Roon ready Music Streamer with I2S digital output?

I recently took delivery of the new PS Audio SACD Transport.  It has an I2S digital output that can be connected to PS Audio’s DirectStream DAC via a high quality HDMI cable. I am blown away by the sound quality afforded by transmitting the digital data through this interconnect. The details, subtleties and sound stage are the best I ever have heard from my system!   Truly a remarkable improvement.   
As a test, I used the XLR interconnects between the SACD player and DAC to compare and it is clear to me that it is the I2S that is making the difference.

So now I am hell bent on finding a Roon-ready music streamer with an I2S digital output with pins that conform to the PS Audio’s I2S protocol.  Has anyone found such a streamer?   It would be an added plus if the streamer had a screen that displays what music is playing.

As a side note, I would encourage anyone who has access to this PS Audio equipment to experience this for yourself.  I have had stereos since 1976 and have never had such an experience with upgrades to my system.

Any help or insights would be greatly appreciated!

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Magna Mano Ultra. With built in LPS but no onboard screen.
It’s the first one I got after the Directstream.
With a WireWorld Chroma 7 cable.
You could also consider adding one of Denafrips’s DDCs. I’m using the Gaia to convert USB to i2s and the difference in SQ compared to AES3 from my steamer was stunning. 
The Antipodes model you linked is the K40. It does not have the I2S output, only Ethernet.

However the K50 has the I2S output option which can be configured to any I2S protocol with simple dip switches. This model also has the dual cpu arrangement for running Roon Core and player options.
The K50 covers all the output options available today.
As a DS owner, I'm biding my time 'til the new PS Audio server comes out.  They are hyping their own software to compete with Roon, but the unit is said to be Roon-compatible for those who prefer it.
I believe Omega Mikro has a streamer with I²S connection.  They were onto I²S long before anyone had heard of it. 'course they've been onto a lot before others.
I decided to go with the Magna Ultra as a temporary hold over.  When the new PS Audio server is released I will see if it actually allows the use of Roon.  If so, I expect to trade up for it.  However if PSA intends to force use of their closed system, I will look further at the options you all have posted.  Thanks for sharing