Roon Nucleus

I have now read 2 reviews of this hardware, in Stereophile (John Atkinson) and in Hi Fi News.
Both reviews fail to address two central questions.
1) what is the need for this?  Since Roon cores can be placed on virtually every playback device around ( PCs, mobile devices, kitchen toasters, etc), why does some need to shell out $1.5 to 2.5K for another piece of Hardware?
2) There was no sonic comparison.  Namely, do files played back on from a device with Roon loaded on it sound different than the same files played from a Roon Nucleus, if all other variables are minimized.
I second that.
I have spent a significant amount of time these Holidays dealing with yet another Bluesound snafu..  I have wasted more time with this product and am looking to move on...plug and play sounds good to me.

Pretty sure this was the inspiration for the Nucleus:

every time I look at the Nucleus I can’t help but imagine action Jack Barker whining to Richard: “No Richard. We don’t need to launch a new build of Roon. What we need is to focus on putting Roon into a box we can sell consumers. We need to think INSIDE the box.”

If someone could please tell me if I am missing something with Roon search or history.  I have multiple artist with names a tad different, we all do.  If I search Michael Kiwanuka for example, every letter of his last name needs to be perfect and completely spelled.  Every time.  Roon can't remember this?  Please advise.  Great albums by the way.
Roon is not Google-like in this regard. Unfortunately, the spelling needs to be correct; not in all cases but certainly with many. When I am having trouble, I Google the artist or album and get the correct spelling. Almost always works and is much quicker than ploughing through Roon search.