Roon Nucleus Users

Reaching out to the owners or those knowledgeable about the Roon Nucleus Server.  I'm familiar with Roon but not so much the mini computer technology that is being used in this day and age.  What streaming services does the Nucleus recognize?  I've heard it is only compatible with Tidal.  That means $1500 plus $20 per month plus yearly Roon membership for just Tidal? Am I missing something.

Think of the Nucleus as a computer that is absolutely optimized to maximize playing music through your hifi wich also happens to include the network interface.

You don’t have to subscribe to Tidal to realize the immense benefits that Roon brings to the table managing your presently owned digital content. The Nucleus will serve as your host for the Roon Core software rather than you needing to dedicate a computer for that purpose. It is also much more stable than a normal computer due to its single purpose rather than it having to run all the other processes in the background like normal computers must.

Tidal integrates seamlessly, it will appear to you that all those thousands of albums are local, available at a touch. 

Qobuz is coming to the states and Roon is ready to integrate.

In short, the Nucleus is worth the price even if you dont plan to stream music from Tidal, but you should consider it, it is really nice. I rationalize the $20 per month as saving me money. I used to go to the record store and buy a couple of bad albums every month. I would buy the new release of an artist I liked only to discover the new one was a stinker. No more...I listen through Tidal via Roon, if I absolutely love something, I will buy the cd or a hirez download.

When Roon first came out I bought the lifetime subscription. For the price of a modest pair of interconnects, it has turned out to be the best purchase Ive ever made. I do not own the Nucleus yet but will be purchasing in the coming weeks. The smaller version should be all I ever need. Good luck.
@Ghasley, I have a Nucleus in perfect condition one month old if you are in the market.  Let me know.
why selling?

you can sort of get there for less $$$ with an Intel NUC running ROOn Core but for easy turnkey, no fan, linear PSU IMO hard to beat Nucleus..

i should disclose i am running ROON core on a dedicated Dell laptop with most music on a Synology NAS, Tidal then out to a NAIm Atom as output device...

I think it sounds nice but it's a one trick pony for playing Tidal.  I miss the flexibility of a Mac Mini.  The mini I had was too old to download Tidal or Roon so I was in the market for some sort of "computer".  It won't pull any music off of my mini so the Nucleus doesn't get much use.  I'm not real tech advanced so I could be missing something.