Roon Nucleus repairs

I have a 3 year old Roon Nucleus.  The ethernet port no longer grips the ethernet cable; the cable falls out with minimal movement.  Its not a cable issue as I have tried several different cables; all with the same results.  I contacted Roon but have not had any meaningful response.  I get the feeling that they have no support for the hardware they sell.  My dealer is no longer available to help out.  Has anyone had any luck getting a nucleus repaired?  Or is it time for a new server.  Thanks,
The Nucleus is essentially a small computer. If it’s out of warranty and it’s just the connector, you could take it to a computer-repair shop nearby and see if they can change the connector for a new one. There may be a removable network card that can be replaced with a new one. Though more wasteful than changing an RJ-45 connector, it will take less labor, so possibly be less expensive.