Roon+Multiple Zones with 2 Dacs.

Have an idea I was going to try. Wanted to run 2 dacs in my system. One feeding my amp and speakers, and one feeding 4 subwoofers. I would use roon and combine zones to have the same music play out of both dacs at the same time. Am I going to have timing issues? I wanted to use minidsp in between the DAC and subs. A couple reasons for this. Biggest one would be integrating each subwoofer to cover a certain frequency response, different from each subwoofer.  Second one would be to have room correction for the subs and not for the speakers. I would love to have room correction for bass while not correcting anything to my speakers themselves. IE: front 2 subs close to Speakers for mid bass only, other 2 subs used for lower frequencies only. Or maybe add 2 more subs and use 4 for low frequencies and 2 for midbass, or vice versa. Any thoughts? Anyone tried anything similar? 
I think you will have timing issues. While Roon does a pretty good job synchronizing multiple zones, you'd need synchronization within a few milliseconds to keep phase errors from causing frequency response problems. Synchronization accuracy is not that tight, even if you were using the same model streamer and dac.
miniDSP SHD's out put Dirac 3 to 2 seperate zones. Run Roon from a Studio to seperate DAC's just like that.
I power mine with an UltraCap 12 for a small improvement.