Roon: is it just a pretty face for browsing music?

I’m curios about getting Roon and using it to integrate with my Bluesound player because BlueOS kind of sucks. 
I use Qobuz as my streaming music choice but wanted to know if there’s another reason to use Roon versus the BlueOS. 

Is it just a pretty face where you can read about all the artists and albums because actually in don’t really care about the band members or anything. 
Is there ways to find new similar music to the one your listening to, etc? Or similar artists?
As long as they are on the same network it should work. You need a good robust wireless or you might get occasional drops. 
BlueOS is definitely the best free interface I've used you should definitely give Roon a trial if you are finding it lacking.

Upsampling makes it more than just a browser and I did find the sound quality to be superior versus running the Lumin app on my Teac NT-505 even with the upsampling feature turned off.

Pretty sure I have a free 30 day trial code that came with my yearly subscription you're welcome to it if you want.
Roon lets you aggregate from multiple sources into a really polished, user-friendly interface. It also gives you an incredibly flexible DSP that lets do things like, for example, transcode all PCM audio (including from streaming sources) to DSD, or vice versa.
I’d love the 30 days trial. 
I’m waiting on Bluesound to get back with me about the red light of death after a update the other week. 
So right now I am kind of without streaming music. 
You can also run DSP, Convolution files, music recommendations (not a new thing but it works great on ROON), lyrics for some karaoke, and a pretty interface.