Roon for high end audio?

I have been listening almost exclusively to CDs but want to start to get into music streaming.  Sound quality is very high on my list, and I am interested in streaming for 2 reasons; broad selection and hopefully better sound.  I am using a dbx Venue 360 with a Jeff Roland Concerto Preamp and Roland Power amp.  I have a Savant system that allows music playback in multiple rooms, controls video etc.  My Savant integrator suggested Roon. Since I am not currently into streaming, I can’t figure out if Roon is the right thing to do.  It seems like a great music server service with the ability to manage very high quality digital files, but the downstream handling of the files and conversion to analog (DAC) seems lacking.  It seems most people are using it for playback in less than audiophile situations, and compatible equipment is very limited.  Quality wise, am I better off with something like Bluenote and a high quality DAC like say, Denafrips?
This will really open your eyes on how to maximize sound quality from Roon. This dealer is not alone in providing verified upgrades commonly available, but their video spells it out nicely >
re ROON and sound quality, in my experience ROON enables perfect implementation of signal transmission via WiFi. I run the ROON core on a (dedicated) MacBook and distribute via WiFi (LinkSys mesh) to two OPPO 205s. Works perfectly, in case of doubt better than USB (to the OPPOs), but this is a marginal ‘better’.

re Ethernet cables, I agree as far as bit for but transmission is concerned. But these cables can carry power, act as antennas, and the more you go up the ladder (CAT 5 -> 8) deal with switching frequencies. There is potential for contamination. WiFi connection minimizes that.

Finally, much to my surprise, inserting a powered Netgear switch between my router and distribution box (house is CAT 5 wired) resulted in clearly better image quality on SONY 4K screens around the house. I can’t say I have now better sound, but this is an indication that there is Ethernet related contamination which can make it through…

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I'm not at all convinced streaming can ever match a self contained system.

Streaming is all about convenience and should never be measured against Sound Quality.

What are your best sound sources?
Streaming can be complex. More u learn the deeper rabbithole is.

very frustrating, be prepared to spend alot.

Keep it simple. Stay away from exotic peripherals.