Roon drops signal

I have been using Roon via a SGC optic transporter and Bricasti M5 streamer feeding a Rockna Wavelight DAC.  Periodically at the completion of an album the signal is dropped and I have to stop and restart the DAC to continue the music.  I reached out to SGC and was told it was likely a networking issue related to Roon.  The really interesting thing is it seems to be specific to certain albums ( ie always occurs at the end of a given album ).  Has anyone encountered a similar drop off?  And more importantly has anyone figured out how to fix this?


All of these issues started after I replaced my Roon Nucleus with the SGC sonic transporter.  I made that change after one of the ports on the nucleus broke and Roon was essentially useless in getting it fixed.   

With Roon and Tidal both frequently doing software updates, one, the other or interaction between them could be just likely the cause as the change from Nucleus to SGC. Like I suggested earlier, I would try to isolate the issue via a Qobuz trial to potentially eliminate Tidal as the issue. Then open a Roon support post if Tidal and Qobuz both have the same symptom. Cheers,

I am trying Roon and am having drop out issues, whereas using my lowly Bluesound Node as streamer without all the Roon Core/Nucleus hardware it never had drop outs.

I have the Nucleus connected to the home LAN, not using wifi anywhere.  But Quboz hi res, anything over cd quality, fails to load properly, and skips and then stops.  Happens less frequently but still sometimes with higher res feeds from Tidal too.  

Thinking its my cable modem internet speed being the limiter but then why no issues at all with the Node?

Roon has been problematic for me so far.  I can see the cool interface and all but if it can't deliver the music what is it good for?

Not much, unless you are really into computers and networking .

Their customer support is abysmal; both for hardware and software.

@troidelover1499 if you start a thread detailing your connection setup, perhaps we can figure it out.


Yes, networking issues are very frustrating, but they aren't unique to Roon or the Nucleus. As an example, my Netgear managed switch was slowing down my streams. Replacing with a $20 unmanaged TP Link switch solved my issue. Also, I had far more trouble with dlna apps than with a ntworked Roon Core, etc. Cheers,