Roon DAC? help please....took a chance on Pachanko Labs - know nothing about Roon

Hi All,

so basically I sourced a barely used server/streamer with matching power supply and lifetime Roon

I only have a bluesound at the moment as dac / streamer and I'm guessing I need a new dac

Can I buy any dac or must it be Roon ready?





I don't see that your device supports any streaming services. I don't use Roon can you access them via Roon if it doesn't support those services?

Roon supports Qobuz and Tidal.  The Pachanko server will serve as the Roon core and you can connect any DAC directly to the server and there is no necessity for the DAC to be Roon approved.  The Roon approved endpoint issue arises only if you wish to connect the Panchanko to your DAC by the local Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.  If you will be networking the Server and the endpoint then the endpoint needs to be Roon certified.  I use a Wolf Alpha 3SX server as my Roon core on my rack and connect my Gryphon DAC via USB.  My Wolf is hardwired to my switch and router and via Roon accesses Qobuz and my 24TB NAS for content.  I use an IPAD employing the “Roon Remote” to control my selections. 

Buy something worthy ,what’s your budget if in the $1k range the New Denafrips Aries-2  12 th anniversary model is a a great dac for the $$ monies .

their Pontus-2. Is much better-still  and their best value R2R dac value at just under $2k.

thanks all

I just purchased an exasound e62 and external power supply

will be interesting to compare this dac with the bluesound as a streamer vs the pachanko labs

will be making plans soon for an all nighter with Allison Crowe and Japanese whiskey!!!