Roon Core to End Point Options

I'm most likely going with a Roon Ready integrated (Gold Note IS1000 Deluxe) or if I separate more, I'll most likely use a Lumin D2 as my EndPoint. Having trouble comprehending the different options and if one is optimal. I will be using a Roon Nucleus for Core.

1. Nucleus connected close to router via ethernet. Run ethernet from router convert to > 25' of fiber > short ethernet into the streaming source
2. Possible option, if streaming source has USB input - Run ethernet from router convert to > 25' fiber > short ethernet into Nucleus > USB into the Gold Note
3. Nucleus connected close to router via ethernet. Roon via WiFi or RAAT into Gold Note? With the last comment, laughter is preferred rather than frustration/anger

I understand there are many variables that could possibly make one option better than a potentially superior option (or vice versa) Theoretically, what would be the best option for sound quality?

Also, I'm not quite comprehending RAAT. Is applicable if your.......

1. Hardlined from router > Core > Streamer?

2. Hardlined from Router > Core, but not to Streamer? 

3. If I'm using a Roon Ready EndPoint but not hardwired to the EndPoint, do I need WiFi input in the EndPoint or is the Roon Ready EndPoint taking in the information via RAAT?

Excuse my ignorance. Streaming, Roon and digital technology is generally unfamiliar territory. 

Thanks in advance for your help.