Roon and Squeezebox

I read Roon can be used instead of Logitech Media Server to stream to Squeezebox devices.  Anyone doing that?   How is it working out?
Apparently it is working out well.  Check out the Roon Community Forum at  

There's a fewLinux hoops to jump through.  But a lot of Squeezers are enjoying the Roon experience.  

I am not a Squeezebox owner; just a Roon user.  Apple Airplay devices also work well as Roon endpoints. 
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I haven't yet but will be trying in within the next 30 days. I will first focus on Roon and HQPlayer convolving 6 channels and the look into SBT. From what I've seen it should work well.
FWIW, I went Roon this past week.  My office system has a SBT that's getting a wireless stream from Roon, no issues whatsoever.  

In my main rig, Roon beats my former LMS setup hands-down for sound quality.  And the interface is a game-changer.  No way to go back.