Roon and Pure Vinyl

Anyone using Roon with vinyl records digitized with Pure Vinyl?   I would like to know of your results. 
I don't use Pure Vinyl, but Roon does a decent job identifying tracks and metadata of vinyl recordings to DSD/DSF and hi-res PCM processed through Vinyl Studio PC software.
I'm midway into a trial run of Roon and have over 1,000 LPs on my server that I converted to digital many years ago. Roon hasn't had problem identifying them, but they were already well-tagged prior to my Roon trial.

Thank you for the replies.   It is very helpful to me researching Roon for my system.
Good tags are the key!
I usually look up the specific pressing of the LP on discogs and then use that id number from the discogs URL in foobar2000 to apply tags. ez pz.