Here’s one person’s view on Roon, what’s yours? - 5:34 - 10:00.



I am quite happy with Roon. Content customer for going on four years. Watching was a waste of time. Did not agree with the rant on Roon as the logic of his points were not flushed out or true. The point of Roon Labs being greedy by competeing with companies that make servers does not pass muster. I do not consider providing a free operating system for use with an off the shelf NUC platform fitting the description of greed.   

Mike needs to learn more about high end servers. Roon sounds good in Squeezelite Experimental Mode for sure, but I do find Innuos Sense sounds better.


He May want to contact the OP below as he is both experienced and knowledgeable on this subject.  


Ya, Mikey seems to go off on the deep end a lot lately.  I liked Roon when I had it for a year or two. Presently on the fence and putting feelers out before diving back in. But it seems, there's not a lot of great options to choose from.

I bought a lifetime membership in Roon the first year.  It was an excellent investment.  Currently resides on my Wolf Alpha 3SX server with no issues.