I'm very happy with Plex and older Squeeze systems for personal  streaming currently. 

Should I try Roon now or later?

Streaming devices I use currently are 2 Squeezebox Touch, Amazon Fire TV and various laptops tablets and PCs. 

I  use Plex with audio, video and digital photos.   I also access my Plex server remotely over Internet.   So Roon could replace Logitech Media Server but not Plex I believe. 

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Why not just spend $140 to get:

1) Raspberry Pi single board computer (RPi)

2) 16G SD card with adapter

3) Allo Digione S/PDIF adapter board

Then the rest is free and only takes an afternoon:

1) Program the SD card with the DietPi OS image using win32diskimager on your laptop - free

2) plug the SD card into the RPi

3) connect power and Ethernet cable to the RPi and power on

4) Install PuTTY remote terminal software on your laptop - free

5) start PuTTY on your laptop and log into the RPi (root name, admin password)

6) Configure the RPi to accept the Digione board by selecting it from the menu after typing the "dietpi-config" command

7) Configure the RPi to have Roon Bridge software by selecting it from the menu after typing "dietpi-software"

8) power down the RPi and plug the Digione to it. repower

9) load the free trial of Roon onto your laptop

10) select the DietPi in the Roon output device or your computer sound output device menu

11) play music

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

Steve I already have Squeezebox Touch devices that I believe  can work wih Roon for now.   Whats the advantage of the setup you suggest?    Thanks. 

Using a Squeezebox Touch as my Roon endpoint with very good results.  Roon is an excellent interface that works extremely well in my system. Using the Touch EDO output via USB to an Ayre Codex.  Your are correct that Roon replaces LMS.  The Touch needs to be updated with the most current software and then LMS turned off for Roon to see the Touch as an endpoint.

The advantage of the RPi is it's cheap and the jitter you will get from the SP/PDIF output from the Digione I believe will beat most servers.  For $140, it's not in a box though, just two circuit boards sitting in the open.

You can also configure it to do DLNA.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

I haven't looked back since going to Roon from LMS.  From any phone, tablet, or laptop in the house we can control the main rig in the living room, my office rig (SB Touch), or the Bluesound Pulse Mini in the kitchen.

Roon's tough to quit once you've gotten into the interface.

Sound quality on the big rig took a noticeable jump, taboot!