RoomTunes instructions

Has anybody out there got the manual that came with the RoomTunes full package of corners, center and 3 floor standing RoomTunes? I had the listening room in my last house perfectly dialed in, but this new room is giving me some trouble. Thanks, Tom
Face the sheen side to the listener. Standing room tunes with base in corners [pressure zones]with sheen side again facing to you. The idea is to keep the room alive and not dead while treating it.
Yes, thanks, but the formula is what I need. I can't remember if you take the length of the room and postion the speakers at the halfway point, or 1/3rd? I', pretty sure you take the width, set each speaker 1/4 of that distance away from the wall, measure the distance between the center of the two tweeters, and from that plane, the sweet spot is that distance forward to the listening position. There was an actual formula included with these, and it worked extremely well (after hours of fine tuning) in my last house. But I did acheive incredible width and depth in the soundstage. On most recordings, the speakers were invisible. So, I am looking for Michael Greene's basic formula to start the fine tuning process again. Thanks, Tom