Room Tunes Still in Biz?

Anyone know if Michael Green's Room Tunes is still in business? (You know the guy who marketed his products with his picture.)

Their website ( has not worked for days and there's no info on the web that implies they've had recent business activities. Nor have I heard or read anything indicating that they are no longer in business. A real mystery. Thx for the info.
I bumped into this shortly after seeing your post. Haven't read it yet though.

Positive Feedback Article featuring Michael Green
Thx Wellfed. Interesting article. The link within the article to Room Tunes website does not work. Thus I am wondering if they are still in biz.
I would work with Eighth Nerve, no shady stuff going on with them. I hear all sorts of things about Michael Green.
I received a mass email a few weeks ago from one of the partners in the company. He explained that he and Michael were going their separate ways. He seemed very emotional. There was a follow-up sent out a few hours later written by one of the remaining partners that tried to soften the tone of the previous email and stated that they intended to continue to operate. Maybe they couldn't keep it together.

Hi Guys.

I want to respond to the question about whether Michael Green and RoomTunes is still in business. The answer is YES! DEFINITELY!

Michael Green recently parted ways with the former distributor of Michael Green products, and is now distributing his products through his own organization. The organization is currently restructuring to be more efficient and serve customers better. Sorry for the web site going off line (Things don't always happen as smoothly as one would like). A new one is currently being worked on. This typically takes some time, and we hope to have an interim version up next week.

As you can see from the Positive Feedback review mentioned in Wellfed's response to Tubes108's post, Michael's Tuning approach to music recording and reproduction is being accepted and validated at the highest levels. In addition, Michael has been retained as a consultant to Sonare Technologies, a Herman Miller company to work with them in a brand new arena for Tuning, the office/industrial environment. Herman Miller is an established leader and innovator in the office furniture and office/industrial design industries and has been for many years, and Sonare is a newly-created subsidiary that's addressing acoustics issues in office, educational and industrial environments.

These are very exciting times for this organization. There is so much going on. Michael's (and the organization's) commitment to helping music and movie lovers create Tunable audio and home theater systems is as strong as ever.

Look for the new web site at, and a new ad on Audiogon soon.

Right now inquiries and orders can be made directly to Michael Green at (702) 731-1336, or to me at (773) 509-1925.


Andrew Staub
Member, Bd of Directors Michael Green Audio


Hi guys,

As it looks to me; Hold on just a little longer!
Michael Green is just about to make a restart!

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Hello people,

I'm very sorry, but I have to take back my words from 01-17-06 as it proved to be a fail starter...


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No! It's almost out of Biz.
It has been going down the hill with that company since their website went off line. Although the site is active, again, their business is nearly dead.
Their summer sales are just another indication that their biz is nearly dead.
Mind you; they even fight off new members, the moment they ask critical questions about Michael Green's products!!!
RobM321 is absolutely right; go to The Eighth Nerve; no spooky stuff, no secrets, a decent and honest company witout regularly parting away from business partners.

So you are warned!