Room Tunes Justarack JR, any info?

I am going to check out this rack this eve and cant find much info on this piece. The Michael Green site does not have a photo of this model. I currently have a Premier 5 shelf rack, would this unit have any adantages? if anyone has any idea on the original retail, and the avg used market price on this piece please share.

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This was the smallest rack available from Michael green it used 1/2 inch rods instead of 3/4 inch rods and the shelves where not as thick and heavy duty as the Justarack.

If this is a 5 shelf it will not be the most stable rack available because of the size.

A 5 shelf Justarack retailed at $481.95, a 5 shelf Dlx Justarack retailed at $624.95. I am sorry I never carried the JR and do not remember the price.

I would say $200 used would be more than fair
If this is the one that i think it is, Justlisten snagged it for a REALLY good price.

In terms of the stability, i see NO problem with these or other threaded rod racks so long as they are properly assembled. This means making sure that the rack is level from front to back, side to side and corner to corner diagonally ( front left corner to right rear corner ). I have a slightly modified Deluxe Justarack that is over 6' tall and it is rock solid. While some of this might due to the extra weight of the very thick "Deluxe" shelves, I see no reason that his ( or any other similar design ) would come across as being "rickety" other than poor construction. Sean
SOS and Sean,

thank you for your input on this topic.

I have the Justarack with six shelves. My components feet had a reaction with the paint. When I moved the components the paint came off with the feet. I have contacted the manufacturer through emails but no reply. I would stay away from this company. Maybe someone could offer some feedback.