Room treatments- Piega C10 Ltds

Howdy folks-

The last time I had my Piegas set up was 10 years, but they have been awakened and sound amazing as they always do. Room needs a little softening, not much though. 15 years ago when I purchased the Piegas I had Eighth Nerve room treatments and they were fantastic! I sent them pics and measurements of the room, they assessed and sent the treatments. I don’t think they’re in business.

What’s a good company, no nonsense, fair prices???

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Thank you @addyson815   Personal experience with any of these companies?

+1 GIK Acoustics
Really inexpensive products which are very effective and good looking. Good advice, and I think they just put out a 3D room acoustics tool.

knollbrent..great speakers..i also had C-10ltd and C-40s ...I would second GIK....I have met the owners and they are not only great people..husband/wife....but extremely smart...Glenn the husband's name..They will, in the near future, be doing some work for both myself and a friend in NC..good luck..great speakers
@calloway  Glad you responded! Was hoping you would. I had a long, drawn out message I was ready to send you regarding the Piegas but never sent it and it's gone in the Cyber World :)

Do you still have the Piegas? I will definitely give GIK a call and send them photos of my room. I'm listening to Hendrix as I write this and it sounds wicked :)

Thanks again for posting. Glad all is well. Best, Brent
Brent..glad to hear from you. i sold my C-40s about 8 yrs ago and bought Tidal Contriva Diacera-SE speakers...They are very-very good.Certainly my last speakers...I would definitely research the GIK company. They really impressed my with their knowledge.I just added a number of Hendrix albums the other night myself and have been listening to them..Again..great to hear from you again..dave
I'm heading away for a few days and upon returning will contact GIK. Just a few treatments and I'm good to go!
If you liked the Eighth Nerve than you will like the original RoomTune.

My Pleasure! Here's the RoomTune page

I would email Michael direct.