Room treatments - GIK Vs Acoustimac

I would like to hear from you, opinions on treatments available from GIK and Acoustimac. I am leaning towards GIK, cause I have read nothing but very good user reviews on them. And in one such review I came across Acoustimac panels. Researched them and found that they make acoustic panels using the same material that GIK uses, but at much lesser price points. They also give you the option of buying 1 panel at a time. They are the only ones that have some eco-panels, albeit at a slightly higher price point.
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Don’t overlook the tiny little bowl acoustic resonators, there’s the original Tchang bowls, the Synergistic Research jobs, Ziplex and others. One interesting thing about these teeny tiny bowls (1” diameter) is how much they improve bass response. Also, special shout out for Golden Sound Acoustic Discs for room corners. 
Old thread.  But for what its worth, i would absolutely not recommend GIK Acoustics.  I purchased some of their Monster bass traps and was extremely disappointed with the quality.  I've also purchased Acoustimac products and was much more impressed.  Especially their DMD line.

The issue with GIK is the fact that the top and bottom plates of their traps are free-floating.  What ends up happening is the side plates will eventually push in leaving making the corners look terrible.  After sending many pictures and attempting to submit a warranty claim and they were not interested in making it right with me. 
@schism3510   I just treated my 14' x 26' room with GIK and have zero complaints.   10 years ago I treated a room of comparable size in a previous home... same result:  no complaints, effective product, good service and excellent value.
Im really happy you had a good experience with GIK!  Look, my purpose of posting is to add an additional data point for someone else looking to make an informed purchase.  I can’t comment on the customer support for Acoustimac as I never needed to.  But GIK with all the evidence I could bring to them regarding shoddy craftsmanship, and problems with my order, were unwilling to help.  I’m saying buyer beware GIK.

BTW, I’m new to the forums.  So far it’s been great!
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