Room Treatments

Over 180,000 pieces of wood up to 3 feet in length were used to acoustically treat this room. Not one piece of wood is the same length!

George Massenburg's Studio

Speakers are Genelec 8050A for midfield and ATC SCM150A for farfield.

Enough to make anyone feel humble...don't you think?
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Looking at it, it is hard to believe that none are the same length but I get the idea.

pretty cool.

umm, . . . did someone measure each of the 180,000 peices to make sure none are the same length?
Ha! did someone listen before and after in that room to "prove" that the 180,000 pieces of kindling really made a difference? ;)
Yeah, so? He likes wood. Before I cleaned it, I had over a million pieces of dust (no two the same, I looked at a few in my scanning electron microscope to be sure) in my HT! After I cleaned, there was a bit less decay in the instruments. Some of the dust looked white-ish, then my son told me he and friends had taken the urn with grandma Edna down and were playing with it in the HT! The lid came off and well, part of her was unceremoniously deposited on the HT floor! I vaccuumed her up - what else could I do? But at least she was able to hear some Mahler before she was transported, rest her soul...Maybe I should start up a company in her honor. Like, "Last Gasp Room Tunes", or "Living End Audio", what do you think? ;)
Okay, 180,000 pieces with nothing longer than three feet and none the same length. If you divide 36 inches by 180,000, that means that each successively longer piece of wood, starting at zero, is 0.0002 inches longer than the previous piece. I don't think so. Still though, it's impressive that somebody has put that much work into their studio. It gives you confidence to use their services if they pay that much attention to detail. I wouldn't want to be the cleaning person who has to dust the place.
I hope that wood is pressure treated...
This room also doubles as the torture chamber Home Depot uses to punish shoplifters.
Oops I got it wrong, there are actually 138646 "tines" around the room, no two the same length...still a staggering number

some facts (according to a post by the designer on another web site):

the wall diffusors are basically a primitive root diffusor, folded into 2D. there are 138646 "tines" distributed around the room, no two the same length.

they are fabricated from 4' x 8' x 1" MDF on a Cosmac horizontal mill. 1532 boards were cut from 1532 individual NC programs. it took 3-1/2 45' semi's to deliver over 90 tons of raw MDF. after fabrication there's more then 40 tons of MDF on the walls.

the ceiling is also a PRD, some 7' high, faced with RPG Skylines.

the big monitors are ATC150's. the mid-fields are Genelec 8050's. the subs are 2 x Genelec 7070. there are many, many choices of near-fields.

the ambience starts at about 30dB down from the direct sound. the RT60 is about 1/4 second, and sounds somewhat consistent above 250Hz and 4kHz.
Humpf.. I'll definitely have to re-think my plans for room treatments. I simply can't imagine the face of my wife if four 45' semis showed up outside the house with 40 tons of MDF!!!!

I'd surely end up impaled on one of those stakes!
I bet the guys from the installation company are enjoying a vacation in Cancun with their fat commision check.
LOL...I hope there are no tree huggers on Audiogon.....the room acoustic treatment consumed 90 Tons of MDF boards 1" by 8' by 4'. You bet the installation was expensive I wonder how much glue was used?