Room treatments

I recently moved and my listening area is now a 12'x12' room
with wood floors and painted sheetrock walls - very ordinary.

Any ideas on room treatmens that don't cost the earth?

My system is a Cary SLI-80 driving ProAc 1SC monitors.

Many thanks,

Bookcases w/books, plants, hangings, rugs.....all depends on what problems you are trying to solve.
Don't ever forget speaker placement and positioning of your chair in that 'sweet listening spot'.
To answer a question with a question: has anyone tried Acoustics First? I ran across their products while doing a search on the web at Maybe someone here has some experience with them but I've not seen anything posted.
Furniture with fabric covering. Hang a tapestry behind your listening position. Drapes on windows. Wool carpet. Bookshelves. I've read that a square room presents many problems. Might be worth it to have an acoustics consultant pay a visit and give you some tips to tame your room, help place your speakers, etc. Makes a huge difference.
Thank you all for your responces. Basically the room has a
lot of echoes and the music sounds shrill - at least to my ears.

I'll go with some drapes, an area rug and the tapestry idea
before I spend money on specialist products.

Thank you again.