Room treatment products at RMAF

In viewing the positive feedback show pictures I didn't see much in the way of room treatment, but there was some. From what I noticed there were a number of rooms that appeared to have what I think was a room acoustic control product. Looked like half rounds that were black, and raised up off the floor on metal tripod stands as seen in this picture.

Does someone know what these are?
Looked but could not identify. The stands look like things that are available in the pro audio market.

Exhibitors are never big on room treatment as the business model is 'show and tell', listening is optional. It would be interesting to know if any exhibitors actually 'tune their room'. Makes sense to do so but given the fix nature of how you must display, it would be impossible in most cases.
The Vandersteen/ARC room used a variety of treatments including live plants and devices (diffusers) from the room acoustics arm of HRS (the racks of choice at this years RMAF), to very good effect. My buddy commented that at first glance they looked like an Erector set...
Acustic Applicata from Italy
I've been trying to locate the diffusors used in the Vandersteen/ARC room. Can you provide more info on the brand? I tried googling HRS to no avail.

HRS is Harmonic Resolution Systems in Buffalo. http;//

The room acoustics division is Performance Acoustics Labs and Svana Miljo Teknik AB