Room Treatment Options?...What to use?

I am having some trouble with boomy base. No, it's not the speaker placement. I have consulted the Cardas sight and have the Robert Harley book, so I think I am ok there. But the base still seems boomy. I need a bigger and more silent room but don't have the $250K down payment money in the Silicon Valley. I can only spend a couple of hundred dollars. How can I get my hands on some effective room treatment/sound absorption material?...Are there places I can buy this stuff and assemble it myself?..Your help will be appreciated
Try Auralex Acoustics Lenard Bass Traps. You can treat all four corners in your room for $320.00
You might want to experiment with different ways of decoupling your speakers from the floor. Spikes on a slab work great. If the bass coming out of your speaker isn't tight, I doubt that room treatment will help much.
I'd get an F. Alton Everest book first, "Sound Studio Construction on a Budget" or "Master Handbook of Acoustics, 4th Edition", and read about perforated panel absorbers in particular. A DIY one is cheap and easy and they work. Jon Risch's site is good on an ASC-style Tube Trap, but it's a heavy duty DIY project compared with panel absorbers. I thought my bass was fine, then clearly improved it with a panel absorber. Everest's books will also tell you how to analyse your room's resonant modes, which should tell you how to tune a bass-absorbing device to best effect.
THIS JUST MIGHT WORK!!! Just as an experiment take a board, particleboard works great for this, (about $14) use the one for counter tops. Cut the sheet into 3, 18" X 72" pieces. Then stand them in three of your four corners at 45-degree angles, Two behind your speakers & one on the opposing wall. What you hear may just do the trick. If you like what it does you can cover the panels & mount them in the corners. The you may want to put 6" of rolled insulation with the paper backing removed, to the back of the panels. Not fancy but these things work! HAVE FUN & DON’T HIT YOUR THUMB !!!
It may not be the best advise you were looking for due to your limited budget but I have to tell you that nothing I ever tried comes close to the TACT RCS 2.0 room correction system. I don't use any room treatment in my very oddly shaped listening room and yet the sound couldn't be better.
Tom my Everest books finally came, "Sound Studio Construction on a Budget" and "Master Handbook of Acoustics". Great suggestion, thank-you. It has alot of great starting points for low cost projects, I expect to talk to you with-in a week with some ideas of what I will be doing. This was easialy the best money spent to date on my system! J.D.
Hi guys. I am having a similar problem. It seems that I have an eco that can't go away. When I say "AHH" in a low tone, I hear it eco. Will tube traps help too? Help!!!