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I'm moving to a new house where the dedicated listening room is a FROG. That stands for Family Room Above Garage. As is typical for these room in NC they have a rectangular floor but the long walls are angled about thirty degrees towards the center starting about three feet about the floor. This makes the ceiling area smaller than the floor (imagine a stick figure house drawing with the top triangle truncated into a trapezoid). I plan to have the speakers against one of the two short walls of the rectangle floor. Does anyone have any experience with applying sound treatment in such a room? Any advice would be appreciated.
Kiss it and it'll turn into a princess 😄 Joking aside, Check out asmucks system here on AG which is similar as far as the slanted walls. Art enlisted the help of HD Acoustics in setting up the room which is among a handful of the best performing rooms I have had the pleasure of listening in.

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You should contact the helpful folks at GIK Acoustics. You can submit pics of your room and they can offer suggestions.

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Don P.
My primary listening room is as you describe. With a variety of different loudspeakers (dipoles, horns, front radiating and omnis) the room has required very little acoustic treatment. Just using some old Micheal Green corner tunes behind the loudspeakers. The room is carpeted and well furnished. It also serves as the storage space for my vinyl and CD collections. The only problem with the room is that I wish the floor was more solid.
My last house had the same type of room. I used gik traps in the front corners shaped to fit the slope ceiling, Michael Greene room tunes for 1st reflection points, and a gik super bass trap. I just built a custom home with a dedicated room above the garage but the slope starts at almost 8' on the side walls and the peak is at 12'. Same room treatments and the sound is much better I think because of the additional volume that the higher ceiling provides.
The last house also had more spongy/ springing floor and the tt could skip if walking hard. I put in much better floor joists and don't have that problem in my new house
Thanks for responding, Gents. It turns out, much to my relief, the room sounds pretty good as is.