Room treatment dealer?

I got some really great bass traps and wall treatments from some dealer here on Audiogon a couple of years back, he was from the east coast, I'm pretty sure. He has a nice looking product, several color option, (black is what I wanted and got), corner bass traps and wall hangers.

I can't remember his name and the treatments I got do not have a sticker on them with his name...any help here guys?

I want to buy more. I'm hoping he is still in business. I looked through my old feedback but that did not help. I got the feeling he was a one man show making up these room treatments as the orders came in and shiping them out.
Was the person that you are referring to Sal ?
I don't know... is SAL still on Agon? Does he have a web site? Let me know, I am looking looking to buy 3 more of his wall panels, I would like to get the same as before.
You may want to take a look at GIK Acoustics.
Was it Michael Green who I believe is till in biz?RPG seems like most comprehensive company but pricey.For the price adding a DEQX (read about a 6moons) might be more cost effective for results.
It was GIK....Thanks guys. You have got to love this hobby!