room treatment

I am presently using room tune Treatments, including standing room tunes at presure zones to the rear, and getting what I think are some good results. But I am also thinking that I would be able to achieve better results with the use of an diy room lens treatment. Now gentlemen, I live in a one bedroom apt in Manhattan, I am a bachelor, but ecstatic are still important to me. What I am trying to say in a short sentence. Has anyone built a smaller version of the room lens, and can they work in a smaller version form? I just don't want to move a large figure looking like a large pipe organ all around the house. Thank you all and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.
Try this page: Because my room is small, and I listen about 8-9 feet from the speakers, I found that I had to modify the concept somewhat to prevent the PVC from adding to the slap echo I am fighting with my paneling. Or you could search for John Risch on the web.

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