Room Suggestion

Hello out there.I have 4 rooms to work with. For a dedicated listening room.1st one is the unfinished basement no drywall or ceiling just floor jost where I have it now. 31'deep x 23'wide x 7' high.The 2nd room is up staris bungalow 12'deep x 23' wide x 55" to 7 and half feet high drywalled.3rd and 4th rooms are drywalled and very similar 9'wide x 10 and half feet deep x 8'high. The other is 9 and a half feet wide x 10 and half feet deep x 8' high. Equipment is Audio reserch CD1 cd player. Classe ssp25 preamp. Classe CA400 power amp. Proac 1.5 speakers. Kimber Kable balanced interconnects/Hero. Kimber Kable speaker cable/4tc Biwire.Thank you for your time.
If you're asking which room to use I'd use the basement or the second room. If you don't mind building a room in the basement that would be my pick. That's exactly what I did here. The best thing about it is I used soundboard, resilient channel then drywall then acoustic tiles on the ceiling. This helps isolate you from the rest of the house. I can play my stereo quite loudly without bothering the two women upstairs. Get some bass traps and treat at least all the first reflection points and you'll have a very nice listening room.

Having a sloped ceiling like room number two is good but at 55" is awfully low. The other two rooms are too small unless you listen to low levels and treat it well. Room acoustics/treatment is well worth the money and is a better investment than upgrading electronics.
sadly your best two rooms are very low ceilings, but given the flexibility of an unfinished basement I would chose that over the others. As Warren suggests, you could treat the low ceiling to reduce it's effects.

If you want some help I have a couple of Everest books on designing a listening room. I could give you some preferred dimensions based on acoustics.

JD is right. My basement room ended up being similar to your basement room. There is nothing you can do about the ceiling, but the other rooms are too compromised. The upstairs of a 1 1/2 story house is going to reflect way too much info right back at you.

The basement being unfinished allows you to build a room that takes all of the problems into account. The room can be finished without giving up much if any ceiling height.

Good luck.
Hello, Thank you all for responding. Yes I was asking which room you all thought would work the best. Warnerwh were do I get soundboard resilient channel? Jadem I would like some help from Everest books on room dimensions. Which brand of room treatment would you all recomend? What do you all think of In my basement where I have my liesting room It's hooked up to it's own 20amp breaker with 12gauge wire. My components still have stock cables I would to in the future upgrade those cables. Extrastrong means I like my coffee strong just to let you know.

Extrastrong: Soundboard comes in 4x8 sheets and supposedly helps damp sound more than an extra layer of sheetrock. From what I gather it appears just an extra layer of sheetrock would be fine although is about the same price if I remember correctly. You need to use sheetrock for ceilings, can't remember what it's called, so it can't sag.

Resilient channel can also be purchased at a construction supplier, not Home Depot or Lowes though at least here.
You'll have to see it to understand but you screw the sheetrock to it and the sheetrock actually hangs from it allowing the sheetrock to vibrate without vibrating the rafters much. It's cheap and well worth it.

I have two systems down here in the basement. With my little system in my computer room the sound goes straight through the floor. In my big system I can crank it and you can hear some bass but that's about it. With the small system I have to keep it turned down! My main speakers outweigh my little ones by 240lbs a piece.

You can email me if you need any more help. You'll be very glad you did this.