room size required for Tekton double impacts

I haven’t heard anything specific in regards to minimum room size and the double impacts.To any that own a pair, if you could share your room size and basic configuration, I would appreciate it. If you have owned a pair, but found them to have over loaded the room, same request as above.Also, has anyone heard the scaled down DI, the Electron?thanksPaul

Give Tekton a call-email and ask them what speaker model is best for your room- musical preferences.

Room size is mostly irrelevant for monopole speakers.

Seating distance is a huge factor, you want to be far enough away so that all the drivers combine to sound like 1 speaker. From what I can find from manufacturer recommendations across brands, this happens at ~3x the distance of the drivers acoustic centers. Meaning, for the Tekton, if the top midrange is 40” from the bottom woofer (center to center), then you need to sit at least 120” (10ft) away to achieve optimal performance.