Room Size - Front Port vs Rear Port Speakers

Wondering about speakers up to $1500 for a 13x11 room where the speakers will be about 1 foot from the side and front wall, with the listening position about 10 feet from the front wall. Volume would typically be low to moderate. Would front or rear ported speakers be better for this room? Any recommendations for what models to consider that would work (for now) with a Rogue Sphinx, TT, and CD player, listening primarily to Pop, R&B, Jazz, definitely no Techno or Rap. Imaging & soundstage with some richness to the music are preferred. No money for a sub yet, so need some bass also.
The only generalization that can be made is the obvious one regarding the fact
rear ports generally should not be put against walls. Otherwise there are SO
many differences in the designs of small speakers that the phrase "any port
in a storm" doesn't apply. Or maybe it never did any case a small
speaker near a wall will have the bass reinforced regardless of portage, not to be
confused with "portage" which involves carrying a canoe. I hope this
was helpful...oh yeah...KEF LS50s look way cool so buy those.
A properly designed port flange won't 'chuff' like a poorly designed one, making the argument of close to the wall rear ported monitors moot. You will get the bass reinforcement you need.

I'm breaking in a pair of Clearwave Duet 6 monitors and, at first, had them on the maple butcher blocks on the floor that I used as bases for my Tonians and the base reinforcement was substantial. In fact, too much.

My room is around the same size as yours (with one side opening up to the kitchen and dining area) and I have them on the long wall about 1' from the front wall in the same place where I had my Tonians and the bass I'm getting is spot on with no bloom and no need whatsoever for a sub. It's that good.

I only have about 75-80 hours on them so time will tell. As for what speaker in your budget, that's a tough one. Check out the threads here for similar views and you'll get lots of suggestions so trust your own ears and best of luck.

All the best,
Port type is not the thing to base the decision. All kinds might work well in a small room like that.

With that amp in a room that size, I'd look no further than a pair of OHM 1000s or MicroWalsh speakers. They are bottom ported and fitted to a room that size.

A room that size with that amp is not hard to conquer. Personal preferences will most likely decide each case.
BTW rear ports will likely work just as well as anything closer to the front wall, but will probably work even better with some distance. All speakers work best when early reflections from walls are under control. But early reflections in the bass region where ports operate are not a concern. Placement close to walls, floors etc. helps to reinforce bass, if needed.
If you choose a rear ported speaker that does not have a substantial bass output, placing them fairly close to the wall behind them can be beneficial in such small rooms. Bass can easily overwhelm a small room when you choose a speaker that has a moderate or strong bass output, and place them close to a rear wall. A rear firing port on such a speaker can compound that problem even more.
I would suggest limiting yourself to speakers that reach down to the mid 40hz area at most, if rear ported. Even speakers that have honest ratings of -3db at 55 hz, when placed close to rear walls can sound quite substantial in bass output in a room that size. I think placing them just a foot out from the rear and side wall may be too close for most ports, and can create problems in a small space. Try about 20" inches out and from the side walls to start with. Corner bass traps may be needed.
It's useful to dig a hole in the wall to accommodate rear ports...and note that I think it's tawdry to even mention "rear ports" in mixed company.