room size for Zu Definitions

is 11/17 too small for the Definitions.i can make roon wider if needed.thks for any help.
I think that would be fine. The operative function is how far away you can sit. 10 feet from the speakers is great, 12 is better. These can sit very close to the front wall - I've got mine about 6" away. I've done some experimentation and frequency balance doesn't change much with distance. I've had them as close as 1" away without problems.

Side boundaries aren't a huge problem either, as they are fairly directional. Don't read "beaming" here, as they don't display that malady anywhere near some others such as the Fostex 206E driver.

The tunable sub-bass level should get you where you like as far as loading the room too.
Honestly to get the optimum would be something up into the 800-1000 square ft room... no joke, a good 18ft - 24 ft wide by 30ft -40 ft deep... this is where they would open up for real and be like walking into a theater... but with the small room problem which is the same problem I have, I must have them 17.5" at the back to the sidewall and 19.5" in the front from the sidewall(Angle toe in if this makes sense) my room is 14 ft wide, otherwise I lose a ton of Scale and weight in the music especially voice... Beyond that I was running them 28" of the backwall and this was because I wanted maximum bass responce without having to crank the internal amp, but took a shot at moving them 36"(3ft) and gained far more real impact and bass responce, my backwall totally ate them up and made a distorted boomy sound if they were to close to it... They then ended up 34" out from the back to get just a slight more deep bass responce in my room than the 36" did, I think this is because I have a door open almost directly behind my left speaker and too far out bleed more room pressure... Now I listen at Incredible Dynamic and powerfull bass levels, think about the guy with the annoying cadilac on the street, I must have viceral feel and impact and no way could these breath enough with a total of 8 10" woofers less than 2ft away from the backwall in my room without making a distorted mess, and sound like something is slapping and ringing behind the speaker. Again this could all be very room dependent, where are the openings, and if you put some money into room treatments.
I have my Definitions three weeks now. I have the speakers 8 feet apart toed in very slightly, maybe 10 degrees, and my listening chair 11 feet from the front of the speaker. The speakers are only 6 inches from the wall. If I had the space I would consider trying them 18 inches out into the room, but no can do. My wife let me buy them, I don't want her to make me return them. The 11 feet distance brings out the best in the Defs in my listening room. peace, warren :)