Room size for Sonus faber Amati


I have desided to go with sonus faber Amati speakers maybe the old but most likely the new anniversary.

Only thing is my room.

Its 12.1 deep
13.5 wide

with fairly tall selling

Ther is also a big vindue housing on the one side of the room witck also add size to the room

I have carpets and a big cotton sofa also
The speakers would be placed on the wide wall.
Acoustic treatment is also on my list

My amp is a tact millenium where there is a advanced eq build so i can do basic room corrction
and most importantly cut down bass peaks.

Is it completly nuts setting up Amatis up in this size room ?

Last but not least my room is tempoary
in couple of years i getting a bigger place.

best regards
Are these in feets?
Yes its in feet

I know it may sound a bit nuts.
However my amp sound much like a tube amp and is very nutral sounding amd it has a delicate bas output that sound completly diffrent the big krell amps.

Further more the amp can underpower the speakers in areas neede via the built in eq/roomcorrection