Room size for Proac Response 3.8

I'm looking into getting a pair of Proac 3.8. Those with good results what room size are you using them with? My room is 17x17 with 8.5 foot ceilings. There's a good amount of furniture, rugs, and curtains. I listen near field and usually at moderate levels. I used to have a pair of 2.5's and had good results but was forced to sell those. I am now wondering if my room has enough space for a pair of 3.8's to breath. I do not want any bass overload or boominess. The 2.5 had good bass in my room but I want more extension without adding a sub. And other than better bass, what advantage does the 3.8 have over the 2.5? Currently I have no speakers but love the Proac sound of the older series. The D25 and D38 both lose a bit of the honey in the midrange, although the resolve detail better.

I just recently picked up a pair of 3.8's and they seem to work fine in my living room. My room is 13.5' X 20'. I have them placed on the narrow wall appr 52" away from the back wall and I have them placed about 6' apart. I sit about 10' back. I think that your room will be fine although I'm not sure about near field listening.

Note that on the left side of my room is a wall with windows. I have an 8' openning in my right wall that becomes my dining room. This causes a problem for me because the 3.8's are rear ported. Since the speaker on the left side is near a corner, and the right speaker has no corner, the sound from the left is stronger. A lot of air is pushed out of these ports - be aware of that.

I used to have a pair of the old ProAc Studio Towers -that's when ATC made the mid & bass drivers. I always regretted selling them until I got the 3.8's I currently am using a Great Northern Sound modified ARC VT130se & LS5 MkIII and the low end sound is very tight and extended. The old Shefield Drum LP will wake up the dead.

I can assume that the 3.8's could sound boomy if the amp doesn't have the power and the control. I think your equipment may become the issue before the room does.

Lastly, I noticed that bi wiring made a huge difference for me. I'm currently using Audio Zen Satori's and I'm very happy with the results.

I don't own the ProAc's, but i have hear them in a room much smaller than yours (like 10x13), and the bass was pretty strong, but not objectionable.

I have also listened to the D38's (newer version) in a room just slightly larger than yours, and i have to say i was extremely impressed by them (I was sitting there thinking "what of mine would i have to sell to get these").

I think they would do quite well in your space.