Room size for ML Prodigy ?

A friend of mine is offering me his used pair of Prodigys. Not sure what your experince with the minimum room size required for these? Any info, highly appreciated.

My room is (aprox)21x16x11. My Prodigy's work but I feel like it would be nice to have some more room for them to open up. At any rate IMO you need to give them at least 4 feet from the front wall and 9-10 feet between your listening position and the panels.

They are great speakers though and sound much better than the new Summit to me. You will need a good amp and front end equipment to get the most out of them though.


Thanks for the insight. If I buy them, I will be using 70W 845 based monoblocks on the panels and a good SS on the woofers.

Funny you seem to think the Prodigy sounds better than the Summits. I briefly listened to the Summits when I was in US last month and was very impressed. Cannot comment on any relative merits, because the Summits were driven by very different electronics and was tuned to a different sonic signature than to what my friend's Prodigys are tuned to. However, in this configuration Prodigys sound little relaxed and not so much "on the face" like the Summits were.

The Summits are much more dynamic than the Prodigy's. the Prodigy's bi-amped should give you 90% of the "slam" of the Summits but with a little more in the way of deffinition. The Prodigy's need the space to operate though. In a small room the Ascents can sound better than the Prodigy. If you have plenty of room for the Prodigy's you should be happy for many years.


PS- Download the ML Prodigy manual. Their room placement recomendations are very specific and work fairly well.