Room size for Kharma 1.0s, need to downsize...

Moving causes the loss of my 18 X 21 ft media room, bummer. Will need to stuff an audio systen into an 11'6" X 12' room! I assume that these large Kharmas will be out of the question. Agree?

What alternatives should I consider for monitor size speakers? I love the Kharma tonal quality and the bass from the big box, maybe the smaller Kharma or ???

the obvious answer may be the 3.2's (esp. the CRM FE one). There are a number available used for 11.5 to 12K.
Merlin VSM-MM or MX. The VSM and the 3.2 always seem to be going head to head in threads. If you get to hear both let's us know what you think.

Size wise, those are almost the biggest Kharma's. I was surprised when I first saw how small the highend models really were.

As a former owner and current fan of those speakers I share your disappointment and agree with you that the new room is too small. If the money is there to step up to the 3.2's this should solve your problems all the way around. They are most suited to the new room, and should not give up much in the bottom end.

The 3.2's are another great product, and a good match, seems like a no-brainer.
Is it possible to try them out in your new room and then decide? Alternatively, you can consider the 3.1 as a lower cost option and perhaps add the sub (although the sub might be too big_ for more bass extension in replace of resolution.
Some good feedback...thanks. The actual move is about six - nine months away so I'll plan to market my 1.0s soon and then go shopping when the new room is ready...