Room size for Cornwalls?

I listened to some Cornwalls and love them however the room I'm working with is 12'x 12'x 8' with no available corner to place a speaker. Are Cornwalls just going to overpower and not breathe enough in such a small space? thanks.
Buy them and enjoy them-Cornwalls are one of the best!
This is not a pleasant message to deliver, but I cannot think of a single relatively full range speaker that would sound good in a room of your dimensions. On paper your dimensions equate to a truly problematic room for bass reproduction. If you like the classic Klipsch sound you might try one of the Hersey models.

However, before doing anything you should do some research on room dimensions/room modes.
Get what you think you like. That's all that really matters.

I have two 12X 12 rooms with audio systems. I use Dynaudio Conour MkIIs in the one with normal height ceilings with gvery ood effect. I've used Ohm Walsh 2's with the latest series 3 drivers from the manufacturer in that room and currently in the other 12X12 sunroom with cathedral ceilings above it with great success overall as well and in particular in the bass department.
I had a pair of Cornwall's back in the 70's. I really loved them. Klipschfan is so right, buy them and enjoy them. You can probably make them sing with some really nice tube amps too. You don't need a lot of power. Who's give's a S**T how big or small your room is!
This is a link to the room mode calculator on the Klipsch website. Enter your room measurements and then as a point of reference enter an 11x12x9 room. If you care about getting good sound the dimensions of your room are important.
I tend to prefer a near field position with the speakers brought well out into the room in this smaller room situation. Smallish monitors on stands seem to work well. This way you minimize reflections from side walls and the wall behind the listener.

If these awesome big bad boys will push your listening position close to a wall (seems likely) then I think they are too big.
Shadorne is on the right track regarding good sound in a small 12X12 room.
You also might try putting your speakers diagonally out of a corner toward your listening position that is in the opposite corner . Another term would be kitty corner .

This tends to give your square room a bit better characteristics as opposed to front to back or side to side . Square rooms can be tough to get right . I think that this is what onhwy61 is getting at .

I have mine setup this way . They are 6 ft. apart and 6 ft. away from my listening position .

Listening in that size room will be a nearfield situation and you should look at your equipment selection in that regard .

Good luck .
Cornwalls don't really like to be put in a corner. I liked mine at least 3 feet from any wall. I'd say the smallest room they were goo in was 12 x 18. Onhwy said Hereseys, I agree. They will sound almost the same but need less space. Just small stands to keep them on.