Room Size for Coincident Total Eclipse II

I have been considering getting a pair of used Coincident Total Eclipse speakers, but my room size is 13 x 11 x 9 feet tall, concrete slab floor.
I am wondering if any other members have used these speakers successfully in a room of similar size without experiencing serious bass overload (room node) issues.
I am able to treat the room if needed with bass traps behind the speakers.
Thanks, John
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I'm assuming you'll be putting the speakers on the short wall so that you've got the full 13' to play with?

You might also try to solicit some opinions about the ability of the drivers to integrate properly at that distance. I have Coincident SEIIIs in a larger room (although maybe I also only have 13' to work with in the critical dimension) and had to do some careful setup to get them far enough away from me. I'll take some measurements and let you know what kind of space I'm working in.
That would be good, thanks.
IMHO, the Coincident Super Eclipse would be a better match for your room size. Since the TE's mid-range speakers are relatively small and are arranged in a D'Apollito configuration for mid-band frequency reinforcement, I don't think you will have an issue with driver integration in near field listening environment. While my dedicated listening room was under construction, I have my TE setup in another room is an equal 8' distance near field configuration and the sound was awesome.
Sorry for the delay. I've got a 14.6' X 22.7' X 8' room, but have the stereo confined on one half... giving me about 13' of width. I'm sitting 9.2' from the speakers, with 2.2' behind them to the front wall and a 1.3' buffer behind my listening position (with a bit of light wall treatment).
inquire w/ Israel Blume at his email address shown on the Coincident website. He's very approachable & always been helpful & straightforward w/me.