Room size for B & W Nautilus 802

I am looking to upgrade from Revel F-30s to B and W 802s. I think from my listening experience it is a better speaker for female vocalists that I listen to all the time. The room I want to put it in is 16 feet wide by 40 feet long. I am wondering if the size of the room that I am putting the speakers in may be too small? Please let me know from your experience with this speaker.
Well I have seen them listed on here in rooms as small as 10'x10', which I feel you have to go outside the room to change your mind. My listening room is 34' x 16' & I was running B&W N803's w/ 2 Rel Strata III driven w/ Bryston 7B-ST's. I wanted a pair of N802's, yet I really wanted something Full Range 20-20,000 so I could loose the subs. I finally settled on a pair of Talon Khorus's, using the same amps. When Jacintha's "Danny Boy" track 3 off Here's to Ben Webster JVC Xrcd is played there is incredible depth. As a 16 year Bower's & Wilkins junkie, the N802's will be the proper size for your room. B&W's need juice to move them, for solid state I would look to the Canadian Mfgr's. Bryston & Classe. A 14B-st, 7B-st's, or Cam-350, Ca-400/401 will open them up wonderfully. Good Luck
Thanks. I have a Bryston 4BST and BP-25 preamp right now. I think I have a good power. I was thinking of adding a second amp and running them mono at a later time.
I.M.O. - would sound better if you Bi-amp w/ 2 4B-St's, then bridging them into 700 wpc monos.
16 X 40 feet too small? What do you need an airplane hangar?
I think that the B&W's do require a very large room. Before you buy, check out the Tannoys and Kef, especially the Kef Referance 205s.

I settled on these after lots of auditions. B&W really didn't match up with the Tannoy or Kef.
Unclejeff, what do you think of the Kef Maidstone speakers? I have not auditioned these have you?
I have heard the maidstone speakers, and in their catagory, I think they can hold their own.

However, when I heard them I was far more focused on the Referance speakers. I settled on the 205s. Since I was not looking for something like the Maidstones, I must confess I did not pay much attention to them.

You might try a discussion forum search on Maidstone.