Room size for B&W 802D???

Is bass boom going to be a problem with B&W 802Ds in a 13' x 24' room with 9' ceilings?

The speakers are placed up in the dining room facing out into the living room. I can move them at up to 3' off the back wall but they will be no more than 2' off the side walls.

I have wall-to-wall carpeting, a heavy wool 8' x 10' area rug in front of the speakers...facing a leather couch.

I've been running 803S's with no problems.
I think you should be okay. The 802d puts out a whole lot more bass than your 803s. You will love it. I had them both. You need a Krell amp to get the best out of your speakers though. I use a 700cx.
Bass may not be a problem for you - but it may be an issue for neighbors, as deep bass travels far.
You should be fine. I have the 802Ds and a similar sized room with an opening to a dining room and hallway. My room is 15'x27' with 8 foot ceilings.

I end up with a room node from 20hz-30hz due o the length of the room. Even 703s did that though. It is managable though.

Start with the 802Ds ~20" from the side walls, and ~24" from the fronts wall. Give this a listen. If it sounds boomy, then pull the speakers out a little bit more from the walls.

Thanks Darrell!
the room size should be OK.
you may want to pull the speakers out as far as you can. First, it will most likely sound less boomy, and second, you will increase soundstage depth. The closer the speakers are to the wall behind them, the less is depth of stage, unless you got some serious room treatment on that wall. But chances are, you may still need some sort of bass traps behind the speakers. What kind of amp? What power?
...McIntosh MC501 monoblocks
you'll need to experiment with speaker placement and possibly with bass traps. There may be some suckout on the left side due to the openning into the kitchen/foyer, which will also cause you to play with speaker positioning to achieve proper center fill and soundstage. You'll figure it out as you start setting it all up. Play it by ear.

I'll be sure to leave the casters on for the first few months so I can adjust them solo! haha
it will take some effort to find the position for them but you'll get there. Usually the image shifts towards the side with the openning so you may need to tweak the left speaker in your case to center the image. Stereophile test cds work good and you can do it by ear. good luck