Room size for Alon V MK2

I've bought a pair of V MK2. I am driving it with Meridian G57, Pre G02 and CDP G08. Evrything is great but the bass. It comes too much(I don't know how to expess this, like there's a "tail" after a heavy beat). It is run in triwire with 3 couple of Kimber 8TC.
Did anyone have this prolem, my room is L 13'x W 10' x H 8'? Is my room too small for it??
I used to both sell, and own the same speakers. your room is VERY small for those speakers. You have solved your own problem.
Are you using spikes with the speakers? I found aftermarket spikes did change the sound although I don't use spikes anymore. You may also want to add some polyfill into the cabinet to help the resonance of the bass.
Yep its room size agree with Timtim on that one. Had those once and had to return to the Model 1. Was to good a deal to pass up at the time, but just didn't work out. Still using the Mark 1 Alons.
In case anyone is interested in West Palm Beach, FL there is a pair of the Alon MK V for $600.00 in Black Ash finish. Damn near a giveaway price for those.
My room size is 14 x 32 with a ceiling that goes from 8 to 12 feet. I have not had the issue you describe and have owned my alon v mk11 for 12-14 years. It could be that room size is in fact the problem
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